For the better part of a decade, the Global History Lab (GHL) has offered an online, global course, "A History of the World" (for Princeton undergraduates, HIS 201), that invites international learners to study the history of the world, together. Now known as "HOW," the course is innovative for both its pedagogical approach and its humanitarian one: the GHL’s many partner institutions enroll and support refugee and migrant students who are too often excluded from higher education. This course not only expands the educational opportunities available to refugee learners, but also understands their voices and narratives as part of global history. The GHL’s global classroom is thus not only a learning medium, but also learning material, and has sparked new projects, conversations, and ideas about what it means to teach, learn, and create global history. 

"An adventure into history that I will never forget." - Arleha Pimenava, GHL student, European Humanities University (EHU), Vilnius, Lithuania


Introduction to "HOW"

by Professor Jeremy Adelman, creator and director of the Global History Lab

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