HD Border Crossing Conference

the global history lab's second annual conference:


Wednesday, September 15th 2021 

The History Dialogues Project brings together learners from around the world, including refugee and migrant students, with the conviction that everyone should have the right to research, create, and share historical narratives.

The HDP is part of the Global History Lab at Princeton University.

Recording Links:

Conference Opening -Session 1 Room B -Histories of Migration Session 2 Room B - Impacts of Covid-19 on Education

Session 1 Room A -Political Governance across Borders Session 2 Room A -Borders in Place

Session 3 Room A- Minorities Within And Across Borders Session 4 Room A - Borders of Refuge

Session 3 Room B- Migrations to and from Italy

Session 2 Room C - History Dialogues Programme Vietnam Session 3 Room C -Bordering Life and Death - Women's Health

Session 4 Room C - Covid-19 in Health, Culture and Society

Room D Session 2 - Musical and Urban Contestations of Borders  Session 3 -Memories of Violence  Session 4 Money, Goods and Consumption across Borders

Session 4 Room B - History of Youth in Mozambique - Conference Closing

Final Session Timetable HD Conference




Conference Opening   - Professor Marcia C. Schenck - University of Potsdam 
EDT (2:45-3:00) BST (7:45 - 8:00)  CEST (8:45-9:00)  BST+2 (9:45-10:00) BST +5  (12:45-13:00) ICT (13:45-14:00)

Session 1 | Room A :
EDT (3:00-4:30) BST (8:00 - 9:30)  CEST (9:00-10:30)  BST+2 (10:00-11:30) BST +5  (13:00-14:30)  ICT  (14:00-15:30)

Political Governance across Borders

Moderator: Nassim Abi Ghanem   / Tech Support: Olga Kalashnikova   


A Diaspora's Revolution: The Mobilization of the Diaspora in France during the Sudanese Revolution in December 2018 | Elfatih Mohamed Adam

Movement and Identity in the European Union | Anastasia Afansieva

Popular Euroscepticism in Greece during the economic crisis | Christos Nikolaou

Protests in Nigeria: The Case of Social Media | Adisa Habeeb

The relevance of National Youth Service Corp in Integration: Nigeria as the case study  | Anthonia Ajila

The Untold Story of Saddam Hussein's Barters | Sura Ahmed

Women in Yemen: Crossing the Boundaries of Silence | Hanan Hussein

Session 1 | Room B 
EDT (3:00-4:30) BST (8:00 - 9:30)  CEST (9:00-10:30)  BST+2 (10:00-11:30) BST +5  (13:00-14:30)  ICT  (14:00-15:30)

Histories of Migration

Moderator: Kostas Katsoudas    /   Tech Support: Johanna M. Wetzel    


Food, Identity and Experiences: The Nigerian Diaspora in the UK Banke Ojaokomo

Forgotten and Neglected: A Global Heritage of the Old Oyo Empire | Abiodun (Emmanuel) Abioye

Intergenerational memory and collective identity among Pontian Greek refugees | Eleftheria Chatzichristidou

Life history of a Chinese immigrant in Greece | Kostas Mantis

The History of the Family Name Berete across Borders and Ethnic Groups in Africa | Amadou Berte

The Jews of Chamchamal - from Kurdistan to Isreal | Rez Latif Fatih

Session 2 | Room A
EDT (5:00-6:30)  BST (10:00 - 11:30)  CEST (11:00-12:30)  BST+2 (12:00-13:30) BST +5  (15:00-16:30)  ICT  (16:00-17:30)

Borders in Place

Moderator: Vojtech Pojar     /    Tech Support: Olga Kalashnikova   


Border crossing during COVID-19 pandemic | Pavel Ges

Changing perceptions of the internal border in divided Cyprus | Dimitra Keramyda

Experiences of Border Crossing along the Berlin Wall pre-1989, Germany | Julie Degabriel

Feminism and Gender roles in East and West Germany | Lea Krause

Living the Nation: Identity in Lebanon since the Independence | Carine Saleh

Navigating Reunification from the Perspective of East German teachers, Germany | Dorian Hohlfeld

Session 2 | Room B
EDT (5:00-6:30)  BST (10:00 - 11:30)  CEST (11:00-12:30)  BST+2 (12:00-13:30) BST +5  (15:00-16:30)  ICT  (16:00-17:30)

Impacts of Covid-19 on Education

Moderator: Marcia C. Schenck    / Tech Support: Johanna M. Wetzel     


Archiving Whatsapp Teaching during Covid-19 | Group Pres ( Suha)

Impact of COVID-19 on Informal Student Workers | Semiu Adegbenle

Impact of Covid-19 on schools in Somalia | Yusuf Noor Abdirahman

Student Politics during Covid-19 , Germany | Antonia Hase

Unmasking the Face of Covid-19 Education System in Uganda | Ochen Joseph

Session 2 | Room C
EDT (5:00-6:30)  BST (10:00 - 11:30)  CEST (11:00-12:30)  BST+2 (12:00-13:30) BST +5  (15:00-16:30)  ICT  (16:00-17:30)

History Dialogues Programme Vietnam

Moderator: Antoine Lê      /   Tech Support:  Nicole Bergman 


1967 Presidential Election in the Republic of Vietnam: A lost election for South Vietnamese democracy | Phan Hoang Dung

"Golden Age" of Vietnamese Music: What happened behind the curtains? | Vo Linh Dan

Museum Survival in China during the Covid-19 Pandemic | Jiayao Gao

The French Colonial conquest - The official narration taught in high schools of Republics of Vietnam | Do Cam Hoang Hoa

The Politics of Identity and Commemoration in Post-War Haiphong: On the U.S Bombing on 16 April 1972, Being Forgotten, and Reality-Switching as Resistance | Dang Thi Hoai Linh

World Wide R@p: Constructing collective identities of Vietnamese rap through global perspectives | Nguyen Minh Tien

Session 2 | Room D
EDT (5:00-6:30)  BST (10:00 - 11:30)  CEST (11:00-12:30)  BST+2 (12:00-13:30) BST +5  (15:00-16:30)  ICT  (16:00-17:30)

Musical and Urban Contestations of Borders

Moderator: Georgi Georgiev    /    Tech Support: Izidor Janzekovic  


Durga Puja and Ritual Borders | Ludovica Tozzi

 Early Modern St Petersburg in the 21st-Century Imaginary | Ekaterina Podivilova

How Cassette Tapes Crossed Borders | Morteza Khaleghi

On the Path of Aeneas: Urban Dialogues on the Streets of Rome | Mario Soldaini and Andrea Micozzi

Oral history of the Italian Architecture in Albania | Klaudia Veizaj

Roma Circuses Crossing Borders in pre-1995 Europe | Francesca Nicolodi

Transcending national borders in the Balkans through folk music | Eleni Panagaki

Session 3 | Room A
EDT (7:00-8:30) BST (12:00 - 13:30)  CEST (13:00-14:30)  BST+2 (14:00-15:30) BST +5  (17:00-18:30) ICT (18:00-19:30)

Minorities within and across Borders

Moderator: Iurii Rudnev     Tech Suport:  Nicole Bergman   


Roma in Tito's Yugoslavia | Michal Mizigar

Change and Continuities in the Social Construction of Depression in Germany |  Chikwado Anna Sylvester

Narrating Queer Lives across Borders | Valeria Infantino and Sajib Ghosh

Politicization of LGBTQ+ & Society's Sexualization | Yana Taratun

Restrictions on Education for Rohingya Communities | Armando Augello Cupi

Roma Language on the Macedonian TV | Semran Sulejman

Situation of the Bantu minority in Somalia | Yusuf Salat Mohamed

Session 3 | Room B
EDT (7:00-8:30) BST (12:00 - 13:30)  CEST (13:00-14:30)  BST+2 (14:00-15:30) BST +5  (17:00-18:30) ICT (18:00-19:30)

Migrations to and from Italy

Moderator: Rikkamari Muhonen   /    Tech Support: Marcia C. Schenck 


A personal eclipse: Migrant care workers across geographical and emotional borders. Federico Politano

Experiences of Migration from Northern Italy to Berlin, Germany | Giuseppe Patané

Migration from Libya to Italy | Barry Saylu

Rationale for Migration in Nigeria: Societal Effects and its Impacts | Ifeoluwa Odeyemi

What does my family have to tell about my family? A practical guide to genealogy | Pablo Pico Salort 

Session 3 | Room C
EDT (7:00-8:30) BST (12:00 - 13:30)  CEST (13:00-14:30)  BST+2 (14:00-15:30) BST +5  (17:00-18:30) ICT (18:00-19:30)

Bordering Life and Death - Women's Health

Moderator: Jiya Pandya   /   Tech Support: Fiona Romaine  


A Globalized Single Motherhood in Ibadan | Chinma Ekeanyanwu

Impact of COVID-19 on Pregnant Mothers and Reproductive Health | Pleasure Enwereji

Maternal Care and Breastfeeding in Colonial and Postcolonial Nigeria | Matthew Ayodele

Menstrual Confinement in Nepal: Restrictions and Taboos | Valeria Giampietri

Narrative Construction Surrounding the Figure of Um Jan in Bahrain | Agnese Tati

Somali women's knowledge and experiences of female genital mutilation | Mohammed Omar Othowa

Traditional Herbs and Western Biomedicine in Nigeria | Roseline Ekeh

Session 3 | Room D
EDT (7:00-8:30) BST (12:00 - 13:30)  CEST (13:00-14:30)  BST+2 (14:00-15:30) BST +5  (17:00-18:30) ICT (18:00-19:30)

Memories of Violence

Moderator: Jack H. Guenther   /   Tech Support: Izidor Janzekovic  


Familial and National History in Oblivion: The Cameroonian Independence War | Marie Ndongue Ndocko 

Historical Memory of Colonialism and Its Perceiving in School and Heterogeneous Society of Modern Russia  | Ivan (John) Burmistrov

Participants in the First Karabakh War: Politics and Memory after the Soviet Union | Isa Dzhavadov

Tensions of Land Conservation Laws Under Colonialism | Kabiru Amusa

The Complexity of a Traditional Market: A case of Sasa Market 1963-1915 | Stephen Olajire

The Palestinian Issue from the Perspective of Palestinians in Italy | Habouj Mohamed Lamine

Youth Engagement in the Tbilisi Massacre of 1989 | Liza Tabliashvili

 EDT (8:30-9:30) BST (13:30 - 14:30)  CEST (14:30-15:30)  BST+2 (15:30-16:30) BST +5  (18:30-19:30) ICT (19:30-20:30)


Session 4 | Room A
EDT (9:30-11:00) BST (14:30 - 16:00)  CEST (15:30-17:00)  BST+2 (16:30-18:00) BST +5  (19:30-21:00) ICT (20:30-22:00)

Borders of Refuge

Moderator: Constanza Dalla Porta     Tech Suport:  Nicole Bergman  


Experiences of refugees in Kenya | Frank Shemitalo

Forced Marriage in a refugee camp | Fatuma Ahmed

Forced Migration and Capacity for Action: Agency during Refugee Women's Trajectory Cécile Kao

Human rights and the police in the refugee camp | James Awuok

Refugee voices on Kenyan governental decision about the closure of Kakuma camp | Luundo wa Dieu Merci

Roma identity and the fall-out of Yugoslavia: Memories of Kosovo Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians | Nadja Greku



Session 4 | Room B
EDT (9:30-11:00) BST (14:30 - 16:00)  CEST (15:30-17:00)  BST+2 (16:30-18:00) BST +5  (19:30-21:00) ICT (20:30-22:00)

History of Youth in Mozambique

Moderator: Johanna M. Wetzel  /   Tech Support: Marcia C. Schenck   


Youth and Education - Changing conceptions of education by parents | Reginaldo Taimo

Youth and Employment - Changing conceptions of 'good' work between the generacao 8 de Marzo and today | Georgette Ramos

Youth and Housing - Changing conceptions about the role of housing in Alto Mae A, Maputo (MZ) | Michael-Jorge Juma

Youth and Marriage - Changing conceptions of marriage between three generations | Rogério Mussuei Jr

Youth and Politics - Changing conceptions of youth political engagement | Ana Chongo

Youth and the City - Changing conceptions about the role of youths in urban development, bairro Ferraviario, Mozambique | Valdo Congolo

Session 4 | Room C
EDT (9:30-11:00) BST (14:30 - 16:00)  CEST (15:30-17:00)  BST+2 (16:30-18:00) BST +5  (19:30-21:00) ICT (20:30-22:00)


Covid-19 in Health, Culture and Society

Moderator: Leslie Carr Riegel     /   Tech Support: Fiona Romaine   


Covid-19 I Alkistis Damianakou

Emotional & Psychological Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Frontline Health Workers | Elena Mpakasini

Experiences of Roman Nurses during the Covid-19 Pandemic | Andrea Pellone

Feminist Theater in India during Covid Time | Randa Khalil

The Church in the Face of Covid-19 | Nana Araba Acheampomaa

The Psychological Impacts Refugees Faced during the Quarantine in Île-de-France | Abdalbasit Suliman Gabaraldar

Session 4 | Room D
EDT (9:30-11:00) BST (14:30 - 16:00)  CEST (15:30-17:00)  BST+2 (16:30-18:00) BST +5  (19:30-21:00) ICT (20:30-22:00)

Money, Goods and Consumption across Borders

Moderator: Nikola Pantic    /   Tech Support: Izidor Janzekovic   


Electric Cars and Eco-Friendly Consumption in Russia | Nikita Malinovski

Poblenou: A Social History of Barcelona Santiago De Villamizar

Roots of corruption in Uganda | Sharon Wambui

Retail shops and their effects on consumer behaviour in Nigeria, from Kingsway to Shoprite | Ibukunoluwa Lijadu

Spending and Saving of the Youth in Kiryandongo | Olivia Fulala

Use and evolution of machine learning in the financial sector  Carlotta Berto Salmeron

Conference Closing
EDT (11:00-11:15) BST (16:00 - 16:15)  CEST (17:00-17:15)  BST+2 (18:00-18:15) BST +5  (21:00-21:15) ICT (22:00-22:15)


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