The Global History Lab makes it possible to study our past in a classroom without walls, working with learners from different cultures and social backgrounds worldwide.

Princeton University Professor Jeremy Adelman will offer the Global History Lab for free to students enrolled in universities and partner institutions in the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The Lab provides a way for students around the world to learn collaboratively on a shared connected platform, to learn a history of the world globally by exchanging ideas with peers around the planet.

What you will need:

  • Curiosity about history and world affairs
  • Interest in collaborating and learning with others
  • Proficiency in English (all lectures include Arabic and French transcripts; we are also working on Spanish transcripts)
  • Access to web-linked computers for you to use the LMS system, upload coursework and participate in discussions
  • Approximately 8 hours free each week for study, collaboration and tutor interaction for the duration of this course (12 weeks).

What you will receive:

  • A course text book and all online learning materials
  • Access to Canvas, a cutting-edge Learning Management System at Princeton University
  • Support from on-site e-learning facilitators, on-line tutors and from your professor
  • A signed Certificate of Completion from Princeton University and your institution
  • Course credit available at some institutions

Frequently Asked Questions:

"An adventure into history that I will never forget."

Arleha Pimenava
GHL Student
European Humanities University
Vilnius, Lithuania

Download the HISTORY OF THE WORLD BrochurE - COURSE 1 



Please reach out to us at [email protected]