Once you have confirmed the students who will enroll in the GHL course this semester, please fill out this Student Enrollment form and upload your student information file.

Please submit another form for all new student additions.  Do not enter the same student on a spreadsheet more than once.

Will your institution offer this course/these courses for credit?
Will your institution/students require connectivity support for the GHDP course (spring and summer)?
Please upload one spreadsheet with rows for each student who will be enrolling in a fall or spring Global History Lab course at your institution with the following information in separate columns:
Column A) Student First Name
Column B) Student Last Name(s)
Column C) Student email address
Column D) *ONLY for those seeking connectivity support* Student mobile phone number

**Please check spelling of names and emails to ensure they are correct before uploading spreadsheet**

Download Example Spreadsheet
One file only.
30 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, xml.
90 MB limit per form.
Please use this space to note any special requests or suggestions for the upcoming semester, for the previous GHL "History of the World" course, or for the GHL Program in general.